Yo... school ain't chill anymore hahaha. Dropped my first ever (and hopefully last) class this week. Chemistry isn't the wave... Hopefully with more time on my hands I can really get back into my art.  

I went through a mini-hiatus recently due to dissatisfaction with my photography. I'm starting to get back into it now though. Being away from home, as a student at NCA&T, I've had a tough time finding interesting spaces and faces. However, amazingly, I have come into contact with really dope people these past few months. It's always nice to surround yourself with creatives...it's inspirational... it has really helped me get out of my slump. 

OH AND ALCOHOL! I used to be against it all until recently. I really like the feeling and honestly it helps me sort out my thoughts... a lot has occurred this past summer. A drink + a pen/camera has been some of my best self therapy. It's also pretty cool seeing the next day what I wrote/captured the night before. Honestly a lot of things go unsaid and un-captured when I have my self conscious in full effect. 

Is this bad? Who knows, but everyone has their vices. Enjoy the music and photos.



50mm Lens & 750mL ~CarltunX