Young Thug Strikes Again

Young Thug announced that he will drop a mixtape before his album, “Hy!£UN35”, releases in August. That is great news, but that’s not all he revealed. He stated the title of the mixtape might be “Tha Carter V”. Ring a bell? It should, it is the title of Lil Wayne’s upcoming album and will be his last installment to his series.

Sadly Lil Wayne's the album release date is unknown due to issues between him and Cash Money. For legal reasons, Young Thug’s last mixtape name changed from “Carter 6” to “Barter 6”. Therefore, is his announcement a mere hoax and another shot towards Lil Wayne or has he found some way around those legal issues. Either way, this is getting out of hand.

Young Thug has said on many occasions he has only love for Lil Wayne, but it is impossible to believe him because Lil Wayne is clearly not ok with Young Thug stepping in on the series he created. The Carter series is one of Hip Hop’s most known and liked series, its’ a classic. It is possible that Young Thug is attempting to use the success from the series to help his sales and career. However, “Barter 6” did not do so well with numbers, selling a mere 18,714, including streams, in the first week; so clearly that tactic did not work.

There will never be another Lil Wayne and if that is what Young Thug aspires to do he is delusional.  In order for him to prosper, he must be himself. He is not a bad artist, he has talent. His natural voice has even been described as an instrument. He has hits and he has personality, he can make it without this odd tactic. While Young Thug seems to think this is a good idea, many fans and even some artist have expressed their dislike of it. If he is not careful he may end up digging his own grave.